BNI Leaders by Design (Brooksville)
Meeting Day: Thursday, 7:30 AM
Meeting Location:
Temple Beth David
13158 Antelope Street
Spring Hill, FL 34609
Member Count: 42
President: Melissa Zarcone
Tel: 352-200-5451
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Vice President: Christine & Matthew Mulvaney
Tel: 352-797-0449
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Secretary / Treasurer: Sharita Holmes
Tel: 352-942-0820
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Chapter Director Consultant: Tom Krafcik
Tel: 352-340-9527
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Chapter Area Director Consultant: Tom Krafcik
Tel: 352-340-9527
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1. What is your background/history with BNI?

I started BNI exactly 6 years ago. I’ve participated as a member of the BNI Referral Net Chapter in Palm Harbor and was a Core Member of this chapter start in 2008. I was one of those rare occurrences in BNI, where after 6 months as a Leadership Team Support person, I jumped into the role of President. I’ve been a BNI Director for 5 years and enjoy helping members, chapter and Leadership Teams make more money.


2. Do you have a success story that you might want to share?

Recently I helped a business owner save the jobs of 3 employees and land a $500k customer. Layoffs were looming due to the lack of a sales pipeline. By refocusing the biz owner on identifying her most ideal customer, she began reconnecting with three missed opportunities. In one week’s time, she signed her largest deal of this year and become one of my clients.


3. Any advice to new/renewing members?

Take the time to complete your BNI Connect Profile, including your picture and full contact information. I’ve received many BNI contacts from around the world that have reached out to me because I was the only member in the area who’s BNI profile was complete. You may be missing out on extra business if you’re not fully set up. If you’re a renewing member, make sure your BNI Profile is up to date.


4. Any advice to Chapters as a whole?

Take a moment to reflect on the reasons why BNI is important to your business. Focus on the business side of BNI and enjoy the friendships that develop. In other words, be about the business of doing 1:1s, educating yourself on referral marketing, giving referrals and making money. Ask your fellow BNI members how you can help them become more successful, it could help save someone’s business, home, family, even someone’s life. Sometimes the member sitting right next to you is the one that needs BNI the most to survive.


5. This questions is whatever you wish to say?

I’m looking forward to meeting all the members of Leaders By Design. It would be fantastic for the chapter to qualify for Member Extravaganza and have more members to build your chapter by design. Focusing on the missing professions that can bring more referrals and more money into the chapter’s members.



Dedicated to your Success!


Mickey Rechkemer


United States

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