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John Giancarlo

Phone 813-495-0112
Mobile Number 813-495-0112

Mr. John Giancarlo
KAJI Harmonizing Therapies
8905 Regents Park Dr., Suite 250
Tampa, FL 33647

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John Giancarlo

KAJI Harmonizing Therapies

Director Consultant

My BusinessMy business takes a holistic wellness approach to improving my clients health. I specialize in a Japanese Acupressure art known as Jin shin Jyutsu. It works off of the same principles as acupuncture but doesn't use needles. Instead, it relies on a very soft touch over a combination of pressure points on the body. Therapy sessions are extremely relaxing and have therapeutic effects at the physical, mental, and emotional level. I also do integrative massage which involves the combining of techniques from various massage modalities to active the desired results with my clients. These therapies are beneficial to people at all stages of their life. I also work on pets. When working on pets I function as a vet technician under a local holistic veterinary doctor.