Where Does the Money go?

BNI West Central Florida networking groupsBusiness networking requires commitment. One element of this commitment is the financial investment to join BNI. The initial investment to join is a symbol of a company's or an individual's commitment to embrace the BNI system, and to the other members of a chapter.

The investment to join BNI consists of an application fee and annual participation fee. Individual chapters may also charge an additional fee to pay for the space in which their meetings take place. These charges are separate, and in addition to the investment to join BNI, and are at the discretion of individual chapter management teams. 

If you wish to participate in BNI you may complete an application and submit it to the chapter you wish to join, along with payment. A new member application is reviewed by the chapter's Membership Committee, or the Chapter Director Consultant if the chapter is just forming. Prospective members are notified of the application status as soon as possible.

Where does the Money go?

BNI West Central Florida is a service and support company that facilitates the creation of referral networking chapters in order to increase business and profits for our members.

The cost of membership is divided into two main areas:  
1. Support of members and chapters (including materials).
2. Regional office and administrative and support costs. 

In essence, the true value of the investment to join is the opportunity to meet every week in a structured, business environment with a group of like-minded and trusted BNI members who are committed to building each other’s businesses.

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