Our Stories - Jimmy Bohanon

Jim and Chantel Bohanon, with Bohanon and Associates, LLC, joined BNI Power Players in March 2010 as a co-set, then Jim joined BNI Powerhouse in April 2013.

With the down turn in the real estate market and the economy, my business had come to nearly a complete stop, so in 2010 we made the decision to basically start over with the two of us and a part time crew. 

We tried all different types of marketing and networking, so initially when I was invited to a meeting, I wasn’t interested. But the client who kept inviting me was a good client, so I figured I would go to make her happy. We attended the kick off meeting for BNI Power Players, and in listening to Tom Fleming talk about BNI, I knew we needed to join right there. 

In the past four years, our business has tripled in size, we now have 2 full time crews, an office manager, a Director of Operations plus Chantel and myself. And the biggest contributor to this success has been BNI.

For me, the training has been key. I thought I knew how to market my business, but I learned so many new things in BNI that have really made a difference. I am E2, and Chantel is E2 and a Certified Networker graduate, and I am signing up for Certified Networker the minute they schedule it here. 

I tried many other tools to help grow my business, but none got the same results! It is absolutely the best tool you can use to grow your business.


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